Divorce Without Court: Collaborative Law Attorney In Moore County

Collaborative law is a different alternative dispute resolution option that allows parties to resolve disputes by removing the disputed matter from the litigious courtroom setting. This option encourages troubleshooting and problem-solving rather than a "fighting to win" approach.

Christina Baker is a member of Positive Solutions, a practice group of lawyers who have been professionally and formally trained in the collaborative law process. The attorneys in the group are passionate about bringing the option of a collaborative approach to divorce and family law to Cumberland County, Hoke County, Moore County and Lee County.

The collaborative law process allows the many individuals living in this area, including our military personnel, to separate without the stress, expense and burden of trial. To learn more about how Baker Law Firm can help you use this option, contact us today.

The Benefits Of Collaborative Law

During this process, each party agrees to openly disclose all documents and information relating to the issues. If errors or mistakes are uncovered in calculations or other factors, these are not used against parties. Rather, the errors are identified and corrected.

The parties agree to share outside experts in a cooperative fashion, including sharing the costs related to those experts. This can often include real estate appraisers, business valuation experts, other types of consultants, vocational evaluators and accountants.

Neither party is allowed to threaten court action to resolve disputes. If the process does not work and the parties decide to go to court, each side's legal counsel must withdraw and the process begins again in the North Carolina family court system. This encourages parties and attorneys alike to work to resolve matters during collaborative law sessions.

Do my spouse and I both have to agree to engage in the collaborative law process? In short, yes. You and your spouse and your respective attorneys must sign an agreement saying that you will not go to trial and you will freely disclose all necessary and relevant information.

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