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Divorce Is A Difficult Experience On Many Levels: Emotionally, Legally And, Often, Financially

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Working Hard To Resolve Your Divorce Issues

Under most circumstances, to file for divorce in North Carolina, you must be separated for one year, you must be a resident of North Carolina for six months prior to filing, and you must have the intent of making North Carolina your permanent home. If you meet these criteria, you can obtain an absolute divorce. Even if there are other issues to address such as children and debts, this will not stop you from obtaining a divorce.

In North Carolina, each issue is bifurcated, which means each matter that is part of a divorce action can be deal with separately. To file for an absolute divorce, the parties need to be separated for at least one year and one party has to form the intent to separate. During this time, the marital relationship cannot resume.

Comprehensive Legal Separation Assistance

Even though you must be separated for one year to obtain a divorce, you can still file other existing claims involving:

The courts recognize that these important matters cannot wait a year to be resolved.

Protect Your Rights In Divorce

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