Protecting Your Parental Rights In Child Custody Matters

You deserve to be in your child's life. If you are going through a divorce, it is important to make sure your parental rights are protected. Whether you are civilian or military, you have an equal right to time with your child and shouldn't accept anything less. The first step to protecting your custody rights is discussing your case with a knowledgeable family law attorney.

At Baker Law Firm in Southern Pines, North Carolina, we take a personal approach to family law. We work closely with mothers and fathers to protect their parental rights. You can count on us to fully explain your options and skillfully guide you through the process, whether it is in your best interest to settle your case or take it to trial.

Sole Custody Or Joint Custody?

Are you eligible for sole custody or joint custody? The truth is, most North Carolina custody cases will result in the parents having joint custody. Usually, under this arrangement, one parent will have primary custody while the other parent will have visitation rights, which allows him or her to have a specific amount of time with the children. The noncustodial parent usually pays child support. Alternatively, the parents may desire joint shared custody.

In most cases, both parents will have joint legal custody. This allows both parents to be involved in major decisions about education, health care, religion and other matters.

Modification Of Child Custody And Child Visitation

As with anything in life, the needs of children and parents change. If your life has undergone changes that require changes to your child custody agreement or child visitation order, you can trust us to skillfully pursue modifications to the prior child custody order that will meet the current needs of you and your children. This can include modifying the custody arrangement to suit a relocation if a military or civilian parent must move out of the area or out of North Carolina entirely.

Just because you're deployed doesn't mean you won't get your kids. A temporary deployment shouldn't rob you of your custody rights. We will work hard to make sure you get a fair custody agreement so that you can be fully involved in your child's life.

The Best Interest Of The Child

The central question in child custody cases involves the best interests of minor children. To discuss what is best for your child with us in a consultation, contact a child custody lawyer at our firm today.