Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

Divorce presents many questions. Below are some of the most common questions that people ask when they need comprehensive counsel.

Do I need a separation agreement before I file for divorce?

No. However, it is advisable to seek out Baker Law Firm to see if this is a good option for you. A separation agreement can help you settle issues early and pave the way to a smoother divorce.

Do you provide comprehensive divorce representation?

Yes. From parenting and custody issues to alimony and property division, you can trust us to guide you through the process and help you receive a settlement that is in your best interest.

Why should I choose you to handle my military divorce?

Military divorce actions require specific knowledge and skills. From understanding jurisdiction issues to military retirement division, impending relocation, future relocation, transportation costs, overseas visitation and traveling with young children, we know the difference between military laws and state law and how to handle all these components.

What do you do to help people with child custody and child support issues?

Nothing is more important in a divorce than making sure your children have the support they need and that your parental rights are intact. We work closely with parents to make sure they have the time they deserve with their children and that their children receive the child support they need.

In addition to parental custody issues, we represent grandparents seeking custody or visitation rights. Regardless of your situation, you can count on receiving the personal service and sound advice you need.

We also handle the modification of child custody and child support orders. It is especially important to seek a court-approved modification of a custody arrangement when a parent must relocate to another area or state.

What are mediation and collaborative law?

If you are looking for an experienced mediator to mediate your client's divorce or family law-related case, we can help. Our attorney, Christina E. Baker, is a mediator. She can facilitate any family mediation matter. In addition, due to her credentials as a mediator, she can effectively represent you at a mediation involving your case.

Christina Baker is also one of the few lawyers in the Southern Pines area who offers the collaborative law approach. This is another cost-effective method to settle outstanding issues and arrive at a fair divorce settlement agreement.

Contact a North Carolina divorce lawyer at Baker Law Firm today to discuss the specifics of your situation. Call us at 910-705-4937 to set up a consultation. If circumstances warrant, including military deployment, we can accommodate you by meeting over the phone or through email.