Helping You Get What You Deserve In A Divorce

You've worked hard and contributed to your marriage, but now it's time to move on. What property are you entitled to receive? Is property divided exactly 50 percent? What will happen to the debts? These are questions that a skilled property division attorney can answer.

At Baker Law Firm in Southern Pines, we provide straightforward legal advice and helpful service to civilians and members of the military who are going through divorce. We will work closely with you to make sure that you understand property division in North Carolina.

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Marital Property

Marital property, including marital debt, is certain property that is obtained during your marriage, prior to the date of separation. Equitable distribution is the division of that property in a manner that is equitable and fair. What's fair will depend on your unique circumstances.

Property division can create many questions and concerns such as:

  • What will happen to my inheritance?
  • What happens to the property that I owned before marriage?
  • Will the retirement benefits be divided?
  • What happens to the bank accounts?
  • What happens to the life insurance?
  • What happens to stocks, bonds and IRAs?
  • Who will pay the debts?
  • What will happen with the Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (SGLI)?

We can help you answer those important questions and protect your rights.


Under most circumstances in North Carolina, you will be required to attempt to mediate the property division aspect of your divorce. If both parties can work together to reach an agreement, mediation or collaborative law can save you money. If an agreement cannot be reached, however, we will help you fight for what is rightfully yours in court. In addition, attorney Christina E. Baker is a mediator who can mediate any family matter.

Doing What It Takes To Protect Your Property Rights

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