Why You Should Consider A Separation Agreement

In North Carolina, couples can execute a separation agreement, which is a contract that states the terms under which they will live apart and allows the parties to resolve pending issues (such as custody, support, property division and alimony) by contract. This contract will control not only the period of separation, but will continue to govern after the divorce.

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Why Have A Separation Agreement?

One of the benefits of a separation agreement is that this contract can resolve all of the legal issues that would otherwise be decided by a judge. It can often be a smooth way to transition to a final divorce. In most other states, a judge usually must approve a separation agreement at the time a divorce is granted, but that is not the case in North Carolina. The parties are free to come up with any terms that fit their needs and circumstances and choose whether to incorporate the separation agreement.

We know that helping you negotiate a separation agreement has many advantages over the traditional approach of adversarial litigation. In many cases, negotiating an agreement is faster, cheaper, more private and less stressful than litigation. Not only that, but the results are usually beneficial for both parties because couples understand their own needs (and those of their children) better than any judge can.

Protect Your Rights In Divorce

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