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Mediation is becoming a more common method for resolving divorce and family law disputes. In fact, in Moore County and Cumberland County, parties are required to mediate in property division and child custody cases. For a mediation to be successful, it requires an experienced attorney who can represent you at a mediation effectively.

A Skilled And Certified Mediator Also Trained In Collaborative Law

Our Southern Pines mediation attorney, Christina E. Baker, is not only an experienced divorce and family law attorney but a family law mediator herself. As a family law mediator and experienced collaborative law attorney, Christina Baker is able to provide alternatives to litigation. If you need someone to mediate a divorce or other family law dispute in Moore County or the surrounding area of North Carolina, she can either represent you as an attorney or serve as mediator in your family law case.

The Benefits Of Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a dispute resolution process. This is a method used as an alternative to litigation. In mediation, a third-party neutral (mediator) facilitates discussions between disputing parties. The mediation is strictly confidential and anything disclosed during the mediation cannot be used at trial should the parties choose to continue on with that route. If they come to an agreement during mediation, the parties must sign in writing and get court approval for the divorce agreement.

There are many benefits to mediation over litigation. While in some cases parties simply cannot come to an agreement and ultimately require litigation, mediation is often much more cost-effective. In addition, it is often much less time-consuming than litigation, which can take months or even years, and parties can determine the details of their divorce agreement rather than leaving it up to a judge. In most cases, mediation creates a less impactful divorce for children.

Here are a few big reasons to choose mediation over other forms of dispute resolution:

  • Control: You determine the outcome of your case instead of a judge who does not know you or your family.
  • Cost: Trial can be very expensive. This is also an option for people who want to work together to avoid court costs and the costs associated with retaining attorneys, but need the guidance of a mediator.
  • Privacy: Keep your private issues private.
  • Children: Keep your children from becoming party to a very contentious process.
  • Time: Save yourself both time and money and allow us to work with your schedule(s).

Do you want to resolve your family law issues without going to trial? Do you want to avoid the costs associated with litigation? If so, hiring Christina E. Baker as a mediator, rather than an attorney, may be the right decision for you.

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