Other Family Law Services To Meet Your Needs

Not every family law issue boils down to divorce. Many things can make your loved ones the focus of a legal matter. Whether you are dealing with premarital issues, personal safety or your rights and responsibilities as a parent, Baker Law Firm can help.

Our attorneys offer comprehensive family law services for cases of:

  • Abuse, neglect, domestic violence and the need for family protection
  • Grandparents' rights and visitation rights for extended family members
  • Modifications to divorce decrees involving child custody, parenting time schedules, support payments, etc.
  • Changes to divorce agreements spurred by parental relocations and move-aways

Tailored North Carolina Legal Counsel To Help Your Family

Despite the contentious nature of many family disputes, there are ways to minimize the personal and financial stresses of the legal process. At Baker Law Firm, our clients work with lawyers who can resolve cases through litigation, settlement negotiation, collaborative law and mediation. Our comprehensive skills help us tailor legal counsel to each individual client's needs.

Here, you will not be pushed into a needless legal battle, nor will you be forced to settle when your case should be taken further. We will inform you of your options and give you a clear understanding of what lies ahead so you can make educated decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

Contact our office in Southern Pines online or by calling 910-705-4937 to schedule your consultation. We are here to help your family move forward.