Protecting Your Rights As A Grandparent

For many children, their grandparents play a large role in their development and, in some cases, their daily lives. But unfortunately, grandparents usually have minimal rights and often get lost in the shuffle as a divorce unfolds. To learn more about what rights you may have as a grandparent, speak with a knowledgeable grandparents' rights attorney.

At Baker Law Firm in Southern Pines, we take a personal approach to family law issues, including divorce, child custody and grandparents' rights. We understand the emotional, legal and financial difficulties these issues pose and will do everything we can to help you. Speak to us today to find out what rights you may have.

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What Are You Entitled To As A Grandparent?

The truth is there are no specific answers to this question. It will all depend on the circumstances of your case. For knowledgeable answers to your questions, contact us today.

  • Are you or your child involved in an ongoing suit involving your grandchildren?
  • Are you acting as the primary caregiver for your grandchildren?
  • Do you, as a parent, want to make sure your parents have time with your child in your absence?

Attorney Christina E. Baker is a mediator in North Carolina. If you are looking for a skilled mediator to facilitate a solution to a client's child custody case, Baker Law Firm can provide you with just that.

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