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After an order for child support or child custody has been established by the courts, both parents must abide by the guidelines that have been set. However, it is possible to obtain a modification of these orders. You must file a motion for modification because until an order is modified, it will remain in effect. For example, if there is a child support order in place and you lose your job, you cannot simply stop paying. You must file a motion to modify and until that motion is filed, you are obligated to pay according to your order and will accrue arrears for the entire time you did not pay.

At Baker Law Firm in Southern Pines, North Carolina, we have extensive experience handling a wide range of family law issues, including modifications of standing orders. Attorney Baker can meet with you to determine how your case can best be handled.

In addition to dealing with the modification of standing orders, we can assist you in seeking the enforcement of child support and child custody orders. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Child Support Modification

After an order for child support has been issued, it is up to each parent to take action if he or she believes that the amount of child support being paid needs to be changed for any reason. It is important that any change in income or other circumstances of either parent be taken into consideration when seeking a child support modification. A child support order may be modified if there is a substantial change in circumstances or after a period of three years has lapsed since the last order was entered.

We provide clients with child support modification representation, whether they are seeking to reduce the amount they are paying or an increase in the support they receive.

Child Custody Modification

It is possible to make changes to a child custody or shared parenting order, especially when a parent's circumstances change. Without proper cause, however, the arrangement may stay as it has been ordered. We can assess our clients' cases, walk them through the process of seeking a modification to a child custody order and explain situations where a modification may or may not be granted.

When a parent wants or needs to move out of state with his or her child, the child custody order must be modified to address the new living situation. These situations are often referred to as child relocation or move-aways. Relocation often occurs in military families when a parent is being stationed at a new location.

Alimony Modification

It is possible to have an order for alimony (spousal support) modified. This usually occurs when there has been a drastic change in circumstances of one of the parties, including an increase in the ability to pay, a decrease in ability to pay or a change that results in the ending of payments, such as a subsequent marriage. Attorney Baker can discuss with you how a spousal maintenance order may be modified or how you may be able to fight the modification of alimony.

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