Are You Considering Moving Away With Your Child?

Whether it is due to a new job, getting married or being assigned to a new military base, out-of-state relocations can take a toll on an entire family. These situations are especially straining on children when parents share custody. The standing child custody order may need to be modified according to the relocation or move-away.

We at Baker Law Firm can assist clients who are dealing with relocations. Attorney Baker is familiar with issues that affect both civilian and military moves and can advise you according to what is best suited to your situation. She can take the time to explain your rights, whether you are requesting the relocation or attempting to prevent it.

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North Carolina Lawyer Assisting With Parent And Child Relocation

The courts will examine current child custody or visitation arrangements and make decisions based upon the best interests of the child. Joint physical custody and legal custody may be modified once the courts review a wide variety of factors such as:

  • Reasons behind the move
  • Reasons for opposing the move
  • The history between the parents and how past actions affect the support and opposition for the move
  • Whether the child will receive educational, health and leisure opportunities that are minimally equal to or better than his or her current situation
  • If the child has special needs that require accommodation and whether such accommodation or its equivalent is available in the new location

It is important to go through the courts when dealing with a move-away case or attempting to prevent the other parent from relocating with your child. Making a decision without approval from the court may leave you with no future remedies and in violation of a standing child custody order.

In some cases, the issue of whether one parent can move and take the children is not a modification. This may occur when the parties decide to separate. Our firm can discuss your options at this stage.

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