NFA Gun Trusts To Protect Your Assets

The Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms, but this right is still subject to strict regulations. The United States National Firearms Act (NFA) is one example of such regulations.

Under the NFA, the sale, transfer, use and possession of certain weapons must be handled through rigid procedures, some of which are quite costly. For example, a $200 tax stamp is required when purchasing a Class III weapon such as a short-barreled rifle, suppressors (silencers), a machine gun, etc. That tax stamp is again required when the weapon is transferred to someone else.

An Experienced Attorney To Set Up Your Gun Trust

If you own a Class III weapon or another NFA-regulated firearm, a gun trust might best serve your needs and limit the intimidating obstacles to effective ownership, transfer and possession of firearms.

Not many lawyers have the experience or skills in this nuanced area of estate law. At Baker Law Firm in Southern Pines, we are uniquely positioned to help people set up and manage gun trusts throughout North Carolina. We believe in your right to own a firearm. Exercising that right should not lead to legal penalties. Make sure you understand your rights and take steps to protect yourself from steep fines, possible jail time and forfeiture of your weapon. Contact us today.

Using Gun Trusts To Protect You From NFA Violations

If you have an NFA-regulated firearm in your home, anyone with reasonable access to that gun could have "constructive" possession (access to use that weapon whether or not he or she specifically owns or is licensed to possess the weapon). That means anyone in your home could suffer serious penalties if found in possession of a firearm he or she is not licensed and registered to possess.

By setting up a gun trust, multiple individuals can possess the firearms. Such a trust can also provide more confidentiality by limiting fingerprinting and photograph requirements as well as consent requirements on the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) form. A gun trust provides peace of mind in outlining how ownership or transfer of your firearms and related assets will be managed in the event of your death or incapacitation.

Give yourself and your loved ones confidence in knowing that your firearm is handled lawfully. We can help. Contact us online or by telephone at 910-705-4937 to schedule your consultation.